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September 19th, 2009: Bülanz Orgabar / Interstellar Nightmare / V.I.K.I.


I came for the place first, it had been a while and it probably won’t be around much longer. Pretty sparse audience, especially at first.

I quite liked V.I.K.I., especially the first half or so. At one point I could see him bowing something that may have been a violin — or not, I didn’t see it. But most of the sound seemed laptop generated, or at the very least heavily processed. Some of these sounds were really cool, with a kind of grainy texture I’m quite fond of. I guess I grew too accustomed to it later on, I felt it was too much more of the same, and my interest drifted, a self-reinforcing process unless something blatant happens, and that’s probably not the kind of music for this. But the set already had enough to make me happy I’d showed up.

I liked Interstellar Nightmare too, probably more, actually. Bass, drums and a metal sheet with contact mics used sparingly but to good effect. Satisfyingly loud music, with a direct kind of drumming that suited me very well that day. Less experimental than what I’m used to, but the physical level of it was a pretty neat experience, the kind that makes a live setting special. I probably wouldn’t listen to anything they do otherwise, I’m just sure I’d miss the intensity.

After a quite long delay wondering whether they’d play at all, Bülanz Orgabar did play a short set. Cut short suddenly by power being shut off, actually. Which I liked, in part because I didn’t feel they were going anywhere anyway. Some good stuff on an individual level, but not much interaction. A big part of my interest in their music comes from the unexpected things that just happen. Or don’t. No two shows have been alike, and that’s the price tag for not following a script. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

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