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September 22nd, 2009: Serfs / Infinite Light / Peace On Earth / A Wake

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A Wake got me in for a ride of sorts. I like this kind of sound, serious guitar feedback is just my kind of fare. Funny thing was whenever I would kinda step off thinking I’d heard it all before, they’d get me back in with an unforeseen twist or by taking they stuff just another step further, then staying right there just long enough for me to get bored, than yanked me back in again. And by the time I got used to it and actually expected them to surprise me, they didn’t, but it was the end of the set, so that worked too. As a live set and an experience, they’re the real deal as far as I’m concerned.

I was totally impressed by Peace On Earth, easily my favorite set of the evening. I remember seeing him a few months ago and thinking his set was quite confused. This time he got it so right the only reason I trust my impression of that set was that he told me he was not happy about it. This time he started very, well, peaceful on keyboards, altogether too nice for me, but as soon as I had this thought, he started putting a beat together, not as a push-button prepared thing, but something he fiddled/struggled with along the way, and the process itself was amazing. And went on unfolding in an increasingly un-smooth way as he went adding other layers. By then I was thinking it wasn’t really the beat in itself that was evolving as much as the way it meshed — or not — with the rest of the sound. I’m sure he knew what he was doing, and he went on moving on from that original almost poppish sound into industrial into a noisish ending. For me, the point wasn’t about where he started or ended, but the path he took me along from A to B. That journey was so worth taking, the only bad thing about it was that it put the bar so high that I had a hard time appreciating the following acts.

Infinite Light followed and I have to say I was still thinking about the previous set. His high voice didn’t help, and his consistent sound on guitar was a letdown at first for the same reason. But it grew on me. I may not be much into his sound, but along the way it got insistent enough that I shed my clinging to the previous set and got into it. Not really my kind of thing but there was something going on that demanded attention somehow.

Serfs‘ struck me as the kind of music that works better on record than live. A bit too slow for me at that time, which I could also blame on my being so tired. But I just think it’s the kind of music that I enjoy more when walking by myself, not sitting in a room with strangers. The couple of (male) chatterboxes next to me for most of the set certainly didn’t help.


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