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September 28th, 2009: Mohammad Motamedi / Sinâ Jahânâbâdi / Hamed Fakouri / Ali Rahimi


Music from Iran, with Mohammad Motamedi on vocals, Sinâ Jahânâbâdi on kamānche, Hamed Fakouri on tār, and Ali Rahimi on tombak and daf. Good musicians, but that music is just a little too sophisticated for me, and I just don’t like this vocal style, so I could appreciate their skills but didn’t really enjoy the music.

Another hurdle for me was that they spent a lot of time soloing. And I don’t like that these days. The parts I did like were those where Rahimi would get involved, which would often spur the two other musicians to join in at about the same level, and interact in more interesting ways than playing the same melody. That was nice because I like the way the tār and kamānche sound together, these instruments are very different but mesh well, and in a way where I could still tell each apart.

Motamedi was a little apart in those moments, but I guess that’s part of the style, the singer is either strongly in the front or just stops. There were a couple on songs where the field was more even, but those sounded so different that maybe they were less classical than the rest.

Well, I usually have a hard time getting into classical music, no matter the area of origin, so I’m not exactly surprised. Appreciating it probably requires more training than I have, and I have never been interested enough to put in the work so far.


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