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October 3rd, 2009: Prem Kumar Mallik & Family


I’m trying to get to know Indian music a little — no challenge here given my ignorance — but it sure looks like it will take a while. There are so many style, and each seems to rely on things that just leave me clueless. It did take me years to start to get Indian dance, so I think it’s worth a try, but I feel like I’m missing so much.

This time Prem Kumar Mallik was singing with members of his family on tanpura and pakhavaj. The drone of the tanpura is getting familiar, but it’s not much help into the rhythms of the voice, and the percussion was kept silent most of the time. The singe’s voices were beautiful, but I couldn’t shake the feeling I was failing to follow what was important. The show was nice, but frustrating that way. I did get some late help from one of the tanpura players, who went on to sing later. Priyanka Mallik’s left hand gave me a few precious clues as she was quietly marking rhythms and progressions I had got all wrong. That really helped, but didn’t last too long and I was almost as lost as before.

It looks daunting now. I guess I should try and prepare for the next such show later this month, but I’ll most likely be my usual lazy self and just try to figure it out then. And fail.


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