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October 10th, 2009: Textile Orchestra

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A free gig for the release of their long promised record, without Dan Warburton, but with Thierry Müller as a guest.

It all started well, with each staking his ground while listening and progressively building up something with the others. I thought Aaron Moore was taking up a lot of space, but that was in part because of the full drum kit. On the plus side, Thierry Müller fit right in.

Unfortunately, I felt it kinda fell apart when Aaron Moore switched to trumpet. Well, fall apart is probably too strong, but it felt as if they had grown accustomed to the drums providing an anchor — or as close to one as it comes in those things — and there was some kind of hesitation, and even though they made an attempt to pick up where they had been before, I don’t think they really recovered during that set.

The second part felt pretty different, with Aaron Moore engaging more directly one then the other, with a somewhat awkward moment when he tried that with Alexandre Bellenger, who had pretty clearly taken the set off by this point. The part with Moore and Müller more in front was my favorite in that vein, probably because I hadn’t heard them play together before. The rest wasn’t bad, but clearly not as good as I know it can get from a previous set; something felt off. They had played the day before, which may have taken its toll.


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