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October 14th, 2009: François Verret – Do You Remember, No I Don’t

@théatre de la ville

I’m not all that keen about François Verret’s work, there a deep relationship to written word that makes it very hard for me to relate. But on the other hand he pulls out some really strong images that make his work interesting to me.

This one was another case in point, talkative to distraction but with compelling bits. The whole show was more like snapshots put together, but in a way that made sense. Those felt like fragments, but they were also a glimpse of a shredded whole, so that the disparate segments built up a coherent whole.

Still, the separateness felt taxing. The sequence with a fake-stumbling dancer in front of images of rooms a dilapidated building was my favorite because the dance and video fed off each other. A pendulum/lights contraption in another sequence wasn’t working as well for me because it dominated the dancer into making him a mere operator. Then again, that might have been intentional.

Anyway, Verret’s work got intriguing again, and I have to grant brownie points for pulling in Ani Kuni. Jokes aside, there were a bunch of striking images, and the overall (un)-structure of the work was great. This remains a bit too intellectual for me, but the “air” sequences were very nice again, one with fan/light coming together to both pin and liberate a dancer and another with wormish flexible pipes, one of which held a dancer who turned it into a dress.

I’ve been left baffled by his work before, but this time as the previous one, the difference was all about those fans and air generally. He has a strong relationship with words and gravity — this time it was coal and a pendulum, but his earlier integration of acrobats were more of the same to me. I can’t relate much to that. But over the last few years I’ve been seeing other things going on underneath, and those have shown me a way in. I’ve been painfully slow in going through, but I think I’m starting to get it a little more. Which is rewarding, because there’s a lot in there.


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