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October 15th, 2009: Mangeclous / Flat Forme / EDH / GNG


One of the usual places, but a different scene, and I liked it enough to want to keep track of other Lentonia Records events.

GNG opened with a set very different from what I’m used to. Not so much the music as the attitude, as they were goofing around in a marked contrast with those serious/gloomy/angry/overweird acts. Nice music too, with some samples that put it close to avant-retard, though not that avant to say the truth. I would have liked them to go further in that direction, that would have kept me locked in longer, but it was a nice enough change as it was.

EDH was different from both GNG and my usual fare. Not that long the eightiesish sound would have put me off, but I’m OK with that now. I liked the end of the set better than the beginning, maybe because I moved closer along the way. I do like her voice anyway. And there were diverse enough sounds in that short set to have me interested in hearing her again later.

Speaking of short sets, Flat Forme’s was just as short as the previous time I saw them. I liked it better despite its imperfections, or maybe because of those. There are sounds I just love in this music, but there’s also something direct and a lack of pretense I like a lot. Maybe I just need a break from all this experimental stuff. A melody isn’t that scary, once in a while.

I liked Mangeclous‘ set less, but I liked it anyway. The voice was way too low in the beginning, which hurt the set because the rest was sequenced stuff. On the other hand, I really liked the way he put together those diverse elements — especially his voice/guitar vs the samples — and that unfortunate mix had me pay more attention to it. I have to wonder what he would sound like playing with other musicians. It could dilute his stuff, but that might also provide the  spark I felt was close but not quite there.

Cool enough gig, also the last one before I ran into a spell of hearing weirdness that will probably keep me from writing much about music until I get that speed issue fixed.


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