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October 16th, 2009: Talibam! / Bülanz Orgabar / Philémon


I like Philémon‘s set overall, even though I often started drifting away from it. But each time there was a change in tone, pattern or texture that brought me back. I thought it was slower than usual, but I have doubts about that now. I really liked the low pulse early on and the additions that kept things interesting.

Bülanz Orgabar delivered my favorite set of the evening, and one of the best ones I’ve heard from them. They built up a good amount of tension, usually without drums and the faster and noisier moments where not long or hectic enough to release all of it. I liked that a lot, and that was only improved by not expecting that from them. And I thought they were more cohesive in a good — meaning loose — way. Each doing his own thing but still remaining in touch with the others. Maybe I’d have liked it even better with a final breakdown into faster chaos, maybe not.

I couldn’t really find a way into Talibam!‘s set. For some reason something their sound reminded me of Oneida, and thinking about another band is usually not a good sign. And I felt it lacked the frantic energy of other times I’ve seen them. Which I now think was more likely in my perception of it.

I’ve been to four gigs since, and each sounded weirdly slow. Records too, so that’s on me. I’m not going to post anything about those gigs or others until this fades. I was getting sick of some aspects of this blog anyway.


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