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October 20th, 2009: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker – Zeitung

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I’m really glad I gave this one another try. I thought that having seen and loved The Song last year gave me a clue or two about what to look at in Zeitung. That proved roughly correct, with the added benefit of seeing how some elements in the group parts in the second half of Zeitung were also in The Song, but also different, more assertive and expansive somehow.

I think I was overly fixated on the first half the first time I saw the show, because those new movements were clearly different. But this time I both appreciated these better and saw the rest. I still think a lot of these bent limbs and awkward postures are a break with pure lines and prettiness, but they’re also exploring balance, support and momentum. And even if the geometric patterns are not as clear, there is still of lot of that, especially when they’re not made as obvious as during the sequence involving strings. And the running arcs are familiar. So these innovations are pretty much grounded in what she did before, and having seen what came later helped me a lot in making sense of that. It’s not even a break in that she has been doing this building and changing for a long time, so I should have done a better job of figuring it out the first time. The experience also gives me yet another reason to want to see more of the earlier shows, including those I have seen. Seeing her work live and evolve is highly rewarding.

For a work for nine dancers, I thought this one was quite individualistic, in that there were a lot of section with one or a few dancers on stage, and each of them had a specific character. This has always been something I love about her work, but here it went further than usual. Which made the few group sequences stand out, especially the one with them standing in a tight shifting group.

There was another element I loved, but I don’t think it was intentional: Igor Shyshko looked hurt and didn’t seem able to bend much, so another dancer took over most of his part. But instead of having him sit out the show, he was shadowing his replacement in the slower sequences, sometimes skipping a few movements, sometimes standing or sitting on the side before going back in. This doubling was very nice, and another thing I have often seen and loved in Rosas shows: the ability to make the most out of problems or mistakes.


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