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October 26th, 2009: Ustad Amjad Ali Khan

@théatre de la ville

I still think I should be making more of an effort to listen to Indian music in order to get more out of these concerts, but I just didn’t. But I did fare better than the last time, maybe because there was almost no singing and the music felt a little bit more familiar. And there’s not question that Amjad Ali Khan is good and I really liked the sarod. I had seen relatives of this instruments, but not with this metal plate on the neck. I like the way the smaller upper strings provided a denser background for the main melody.

I also appreciated his explanations about his way of playing with his nails instead of fingertips, which allowed him to slide along the neck for a sound sometimes a little reminiscent of a bottleneck. The sidemen really kept out the way, to the point that I couldn’t hear the tanpura at all and the tabla often were silent or mainly supportive.

That being said, it’s a quite sophisticated music, and I can’t say I got most of what was going on. Some bits of melody were familiar though. Not being utterly lost is progress, I guess.


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