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October 27th, 2009: Jimmy Cobb’s So What Band

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I have to state upfront that I don’t like Kind of blue, but I hoped that the live setting would offset some of the things that bother me about this record. Unfortunately, the performance was faithful enough that my take on it is less than enthusiastic. No dis on the performers, each did his part and did it well, with special appreciation for Buster Williams, Larry Willis and Jimmy Cobb himself. The others were good too, but their taking turns in the front was so aggravating to me that I couldn’t really appreciate their play.

That part — the taking turns — is the single most prominent reason why I don’t like that record, so it’s no surprise their faithfulness was a drawback. Each was good enough on his own, but that only made me more eager to hear them interact, and that must just not part of the plan.

Another side of my dislike is that it’s so smooth as to get into sugary territory, and again this side was still there even live. Of course the bass and to a lesser extent piano and drums gained from more direct contact, but they are not exactly in front in that music.

From what I heard from people in attendance, those who liked that record in the first place were pleased enough, but being the kind of weirdo who didn’t like it but hope to get a change of mind from hearing a live take on it, those high hopes were squashed.

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