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November 5th, 2009: Hair Police / Haine

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<rant>Hair Police was supposed to play in another venue, but they called it off a few days before because of what they called insufficient booking. It’s not the first time La Maroquinerie does this, and it just makes me less likely to go there: I don’t like the late call one bit because of how it’s putting the musicians in a tough spot on short notice, and this also means they’re plain unreliable and I’ll actually be reluctant to book early because of that. The latter probably means the people I most want to hear will be even less likely to play, which is not a welcome development. The whole situation sucks, and I might just be enough of a coward to avoid the place from now on just to avoid dealing with it. I would have liked to see to Anti Pop Consortium, but I didn’t because of the venue’s attitude.</rant>

Just as I expected, Haine turned out to be familiar faces — Hendrick Hegray and Lionel Fernandez. I’ve been pretty impressed by both these guys over the past months, their solo performances have easily beaten my expectations. In a sense that led me to conflicting thoughts about this set. On the one hand, it was quite below those newly inflated expectations, closer to what I thought they were doing before. On the other hand, it was clearly better than what I would have expected one year ago. Neither matter, what does to is that I enjoyed the set. Maybe in a low brow way, but it wasn’t just screaming through effects and banging a guitar around. It wasn’t written down, but not random either, there was enough common ground to have the whole thing teeter without crashing down. It wouldn’t have mattered because their energy would have been enough, but still, the thing kinda held together. As loud noise goes, I don’t think it did much more, but it did. I’m sure they could get a better mix of keyboard, quote-unquote voice and guitar, but there was a spontaneous immediacy about this set that I just liked.

Hair Police went on to show why I consider myself lucky that they could find this backup plan. At first I thought it sounded very close to Haine, and maybe that was intentional from either, but with effects and voice/screams. As the set went on, adding guitar and drums just took the thing to another level. Still noise, but with just enough contrasting elements to make it more interesting without unsettling the whole. In that respect the more simple drumming was the most efficient in my opinion. Having a guy holding pedal-like electronics in a band like a guitar seemed gimmicky at first but ended up making sense because I think it reinforce the physical engagement side of the performance, which a was a big part of what I liked about it. Having he bent over his gear on the side just wouldn’t have cut it that well. The more they played, the more they sounded like a band, there was some unity taking shape beyond the raw discharge that first took precedence due to the harsh sounds and general loudness. That’s the real silver lining to their being forced to reschedule here, because they probably would have played for half that time in the original place at best, probably less.

So it turned out well enough for me, with a longer set, cheaper entrance and drinks. But I guess Hair Police were paid less, and on principle alone, it still isn’t right, and I still hold that grudge.


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