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November 18th, 2009: Kuupuu / Noyade / Samara Lubelski / Peace On Earth

@la suite

Unfortunately, I didn’t pay enough attention this time. I had a wisdom tooth pulled out in the afternoon, and my mistake was taking those painkillers before leaving for the gig. I had a hard time focusing until those wore off, and that only came during the last set. Too late.

Peace On Earth started with a peaceful keyboard melody he then disturbed with various loops and the occasional drumpad burst. It’s basically what he often does, but the details are always different. The finer stuff was lost on me, so the drum bursts where the main thing that came through. I liked those short sequences, they were purposefully irregular and looped with enough silence to interfere with the rest without establishing a rhythm. Too bad I missed most of the rest.

Samara Lubelski‘s set was the one I most failed to get. It’s quiet to begin with, and her voice was so faint I could hardly hear it. Same goes for the drummer, and the keyboard and guitar dominated far too much — I was told these two are in Metabolismus, that would explain their forming a tighter unit. That music required more attention that I could muster from my codeine cloud.

No surprise that I think I didn’t like Noyade‘s set as much as the last time I’d seen them. The guitar was familiar, and the effects had some nice moments, but I was just too dazed to make sense of both together, or to grasp the set. I was basically struggling not to nod off by then.

Thankfully pain finally broke through during Kuupuu‘s set, and that woke me up. She used a bunch of objects and toys, and tapes too — I’m partial to that medium. I like how she can weave a coherent whole out of these disparate building blocks, one with a definite personality. There something light and joyful but not sugary, fragile but strong, meandering but going somewhere. I like her music a lot and she’s the reason I dragged myself over there, and I’m glad I did, even though I really want to hear all of them again in a better condition — mine, the venue is great.



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