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November 20th, 2009: Jean-François Pauvros & Charles Pennequin

@centre pompidou

I’m not a fan of the place, and I usually don’t like spoken word, but I do like Charles Pennequin, and his pairing with Jean-François Pauvros just made the show more appealing to me.

It had been a while, but I thought his delivery was slower this time, but that’s just a remark, and it didn’t take anything from the performance. For most of the set he read his texts standing and with little movement, except for a his circling around the audience with a megaphone a couple times.

Pauvros was more active after a static intro bowing one of his two guitars. His role was mostly supportive, though he got louder and took a more assertive stance as the show went on. I liked the way he did it, doing plenty of different things, from banging the guitar to building up loops to playing with a corner of the booth to mock-spearing Pennequin. I think he was pretty good playing that part, even though the role limited what he could do. If anything that made me eager to hear him again soon — though I’m not sure that’s enough to make me take another chance on Evan Parker.

It worked OK, but I’m not sure it was that good to both: I think Pennequin too is better on his own, as he doesn’t need any support and at times it felt like they both were being a little too respectful of the other, leaving a little too much space and hesitant to fill it. Interesting experiment though, definitely worth a shot.


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