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November 21st, 2009: Jayanthi Kumaresh


Another installment in my attempt to figure out at least something in classical Indian music. Not much luck so far, that much was clear most of the times one of the performers would mark the beat. When I like the performance as much as this time, it’s no big deal, though frustrating because I just know I’m missing a lot because I’m that ignorant.

I really like Jayanthi Kumaresh‘s play. Her skill was obvious from her precise control over the strings and the many modulations she got by pushing and releasing them, but she kept the music coming first and I never got any hint of unwarranted virtuosity. Not really understated either, it just sounded right. And she did let some room for the mridangam and ghatam too. I guess it’s part of the style, but here again she handled that just right.

The veena is a very nice instrument, and I think the combination of frets and relatively few strings made it more accessible to my untrained ears. Far less overwhelming and distraction than the sitar, for instance. Not that the music is simple, but there’s a bit less going on, and that made it sound clearer to me, and I sure can use help. I think it could be a gateway into this stuff for me, but it’s not that common, unfortunately. She did say she would come back, but I have slightly more confidence in that kind of talk than in the classic “you’re the best audience” or “I just love playing here”. I’ll keep an eye out nonetheless.


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