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November 22nd, 2009: Chris Corsano – Alexandre Bellenger – Christine Sehnaoui / Prince Rama Of Ayodhya / Amen Dunes / Mim

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I didn’t like the first half or so of Mim‘s set. I guess that was blues, but it seemed the textbook kind to me, and left me with the impression that he was out to try every possible style — in that case, I would suggest yodeling country, now that would be unusual and potentially entertaining. The second part mixed the influence and that made it both more personal and more interesting. He sounded good enough to be worth hearing again, hopefully with more of the second than the first.

I like Amen Dunes, but I was wondering how that would translate live. Better than I thought, actually, with a nice intensity. What I liked best is the music had an additional roughness that I liked a lot. Anyway, getting a different feel from the records is part of the point of gigs, and they did that well. He did a live session for the station in August, but I haven’t checked it out yet.

Prince Rama Of Ayodhya was the main draw for me, and I’m glad to see they recovered from having their equipment stolen. It seems that the benefit shows and call for donations worked. They also have a live set at WFMU available for download from the free music archive. I liked this show a lot, and I really like how the drumming was much more present than on the record. Generally speaking, I think the live setting serves them well, as the records sometimes put a little too much emphasis on the voice for my liking. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her voice, but they’re a good live band and there was a better balance here.

I’ll admit I didn’t expect much from the closing trio. I like Christine Sehnaoui and Alexandre Bellenger, but I’m not that fond of Chris Corsano, and they’re so different that I thought the set had a real chance to fall flat. It turned out great. At first I thought each was remaining on familiar ground, but they quickly found each other and the set just took off. I probably wouldn’t say it was loud, but they did go for it and it was louder than I expected. A good set and a nice example of the good that can come out of improvising.


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