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November 25th, 2009: Renata Rosa

@theatre de la ville

I was going there out of curiosity but with low expectations, because I’m not into Brazilian music. I was pretty dismayed to see I had a center seat in the front row, which was basically on the stage because the set was Masurca Fogo’s. I hate being in front this way, all the more for this kind of positive music — complete with singalong and people coming down to dance — which is deeply alien to me.

It started very well though, with Renata Rosa entering the stage with the four Karari-Xoco singers, very nice singing with percussive stomping, a great start. Hearing her on her own later made clear she has a great voice, and her violin playing is the kind I like, without overt displays of skill, but done too right for her not to be skilled indeed.

I really wish they had left more space for those singers, the one time they did a song by themselves was great but very short. Then again, there were fine call and response sequences, and some of polyphonic parts were really good — especially those with three doubled parts.

The musicians were good — especially Pepé — and they had a good thing going as a band, but I really have a problem with that typical Brazilian samba rhythm. I just don’t like it, and it got more grating for me as the set went on. It makes no sense at all, because I actually like cumbia, and it’s rhythm isn’t that different in a sense. But unfortunately it’s just the way it is, and that pretty much spoiled the second half or so for me. But I did enjoy the first half, so I don’t regret coming.


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