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December 3rd, 2009: Gilles Jobin – Black Swan


I don’t remember seeing a show I didn’t like by Gilles Jobin, but this one may be my favorite. Totally different from the previous one, but with some familiar arm positions, and the long poles at the end reminded me of the rubber lines from Text to speech.

At first there just one dancer on stage, her arms often extended, with a lot of circles with a smooth flow at first, then this was slightly changed with a few angles added by her extending her arms. A second dancer joined her, and her dance was both close to and contrasting with the first in its vertical axis, with angles from bending and the occasional quick high kick. The first one left and that ushered another break as the remaining dancer went to the ground, sometimes rolling and something keeping her legs in circling/rolling motion as she stood straight. A totally different take on those opening circles.

Then a male dancer joined her, and as she rose he would provide support but always staying still as he doing so, pretending to be just an object happening to be there at the moment she put some of weight on him. Another contrast between her flow and his stop and go trajectory. Then Jobin came in wearing rabbit headed gloves, as did the other guy. They alternated in burst of speed, a flurry of movement but again totally different. Jobin was more classical and vertical, the other would use more space, though standing just as upright.

Then the women came back, going through the stage with arms extended like children playing at being planes, with their hands briefly alighting on the crouching male dancers’ backs. That childlike quality was reinforced by the appearance of a few small stuffed horses, which the dancers kept in front as they gathered in a rolling pile crossing the back of the stage, ushering in a more visual part of the show.

Then a single dancer came back, with a long pole, and the low blue light coming from the front was only occasionally reflected by that pole. That was a beautiful sequence, visually ambiguous. As Jobin joined her with another long pole and the light went up, that effect was dampened but not completely gone either. That’s when I was reminded of the rubber lines, the way these were slicing the space, though the pole were moving whereas those earlier lines were not.

The last sequence had more small stuffed horses being pushed around by these poles. Here the dancers going above or below those lines slowly moved by others was even more reminding me of that earlier show. Those lines moving and dividing were another nice effect, as they slowly brought those horses to the front of the stage. After the dancers had left, the last sequence had flashing lights projecting horse shadows on the back of the stage, not really looking like those were actual or moving horses, but close enough to make me think of that, and of what was missing, another delightful ambiguity.


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