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December 4th, 2009: Audrey Chen – Frederic Blondy – Michael Johnsen – Jerome Noetinger

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It was my first time there, and the place is nice if a little too cozy for me in a way. It’s not a good fit for me, because I usually stand in the back, and there that’s next to the street and the noise from there often got in the way. It’s probably much better being seated in front.

I had seen each of the four performers before, but never two of them together. Frederic Blondy was familiar from Hubbub and Po-Go, and Jerome Noetinger from too many projects to mention. I had only seen Michael Johnsen and Audrey Chen once, but her Abattoir project has been a favorite of mine whenever it came up on the station, which has been quite often — that basically means more than once a week.

They did two sets, both with Michael Johnsen first playing saw, again in a very interesting way that featured none of the usual sounds associated with this instrument. Harsher, and replacing the smooth continuity with dense blocks that had another way of fitting in together. From way back, his part on electronics suffered from the same problem as what Jerome Noetinger was doing: I just couldn’t hear much aside from the occasional louder burst. That’s a shame because I really liked what Noetinger did with what I think where very short bits of voice recordings for while.

I’m quite fond of prepared piano, and Frederic Blondy was really good at it, exploiting the percussive side by hitting the strings as well as more resonating sounds that blended very well with the cello. Which was what I was here for, anyway. Audrey Chen did many different things, playing with a bow whether in the regular way or not, putting a stick between the strings, picking the chords, or rubbing those balls on the back to build up a very nice drone. She didn’t use her voice all that much though, but I think it was better that way because it wouldn’t have fit all that well with what the others were doing.

As a group, I think it worked OK but not great, but that might come from the acoustic instruments carrying much better to my spot than the rest. That meant I had a hard time hearing the latter unless the former stopped, and that robbed me of much in terms of how they were interacting. I guess I should have gone and sit in front in the light, but that was just not happening. What I could hear was worth it anyway, and I even got the Abattoir CD and a solo one, and both are great, by the way.


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