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December 15th, 2009: Jérôme Bel – Cédric Andrieux

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Belated last post for the year, as I’ve basically taken the month off from public concert notes while I’m wondering whether I’m going to resume those, and how.

I usually don’t like Jérôme Bel, another of these french guy who are just too smart and cultured for my limited understanding. But this one worked, thanks to its namesake Cédric Andrieux, a dancer who spent years in Merce Cunningham’s company before coming back to France to have an opportunity to dance something else. It’s part of a series, but I have not seen the others.

He just walked on the stage and started to talk about his career, from his childhood to his plans for the future, with a definite emphasis on his Cunningham years — there was actually another section about it the week before that didn’t make it into the longer version. After talking a while, he would perform a bit of the dance he had just talked about, but being alone and dancing in silence, that took another dimension, more physical in a sense, which balanced out the talk.

The long part about Cunningham was particularly interesting, as it included a lot about the tedious training and the choreographer’s teaching method and his use of codes for arm, leg and torso positions. That was especially enlightening when I saw Nearly Ninety², as it explained a few things. His remarks about Cunningham’s lack of interest for a perfect execution of his instruction was valuable insight as well.

I found the show to be very interesting for giving some idea of how a dancer goes through his work. Bel was also insightful in choosing this performer for a very different kind of work, and in putting the show together. Of course, as a dance show, I didn’t like it at all, but with him I don’t think it’s the point at all. I’m glad he found a way to use other people’s dance and have someone else be the focus, this way I guess he didn’t have to hammer me so relentlessly with how smart he is.


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