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January 21st, 2010: Kumquat / David Fenech – Rhys Chatham


Hearing what David Fenech and Rhys Chatham would end up spewing was enough to make me skip Jozef Van Wissem, and that’s saying something. I’d say it was worth it. The first part of the set — with Chatham on pocket trumpet — was a bit tame, with Fenech much too respectful and not enough happening. I mean I love this piling up of loops from both performers, but this was way too tame.

The second part had Fenech bow loudly and that seemed to kick it all into a higher gear. Chatham responded to the challenge with a cornet and the interaction was indirect but still going on. My favorite part of the gig. The third had Chatham pull off the full size trumpet and was about as good as the previous one, except it felt a bit less balanced. The encore had Chatham put the pocket trumpet to a more satisfying use for me, but this whole set — though pretty good — left me feeling these two can do better together. It was their first extended gig together, so there might be another in the future. Count me in if that happens — and please tell me about it. I think Fenech benefits a lot from being somewhat familiar with those he plays with, so another gig would probably be better.

As for Kumquat, well, it’s just not my kind of thing. I just happen to hate the guitar player’s sound and play, and as he’s the leader, that was a definite damper. I usually liked the intros though. But as soon as the guitar got in, I got out, so I only had a very limited perspective on what they were doing. To each his own, though, a lot of people do enjoy it, and in a sense I can understand why, because there’s really something in there. It’s just me being unable to get it.


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