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January 22nd, 2010: Xavier Charles – Jean-Philippe Gross – Franz Hautzinger – Lionel Marchetti

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Back to my favorite venue, thankfully, even though they had to scale back their programming because of funding cuts. And even that is conditional on their funding not being cut further, which remains a very real possibility. I might as well enjoy the place while it’s here.

The lineup was appealing, with two people I like quite a lot — Xavier Charles and Jean-Philippe Gross — and two with who my experience has been more mixed, but with valuable highs — Franz Hautzinger and Lionel Marchetti. Also a mix of acoustic and electronics, so it looked promising. I don’t think it really lived up to that potential, but it wasn’t bad either. I think Charles and Hautzinger tended to dominate the quiet parts, with Gross and Marchetti taking the lead when it got loud. The latter did push the others to play louder and get away from what sounded too familiar to me, but the most balanced moments where just too short. So that there was a lot that I had heard before, and also a lot of common sounds along the sets. Though the second half of the second set did mix that up a little more.

I guess these guys are not that far apart to begin with, so maybe I was expecting too much. Still, it was a little too much the usual stuff, and I’ve seen better performances from each of them. It wasn’t bad at all, but nothing special either, in my opinion.


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