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January 24th, 2010: Quentin Dubost / Red Horn Cannibals / Philémon / Fabriquedecouleurs

@la suite

I guess I was not in a good mood for laptop stuff, and Fabriquedecouleurs is all about that. He knows his stuff, and put his laptop to good use, but that’s probably what I didn’t like, too neat and proficient for me at that time. Some days I do like this kind of sounds though, so maybe I’ll enjoy it next time.

Philémon started his sets with a steady beat, but then moved away from that into a more irregular kind of noise. Not a clear-cut change, more of a progression throughout the set. I’m a bit weary of noise at the moment, but this was a nice set, with a enough changes to keep me interested.

Red Horn Cannibals had nice guitar sounds — one regular guitar and a pedal-steelish contraption flat on a table. The latter yielded nice slides and picking. The music itself was quite mainstream with bluesish overtones. Not really experimental, which suits me well these days. I think I need to hear some more regular music, I’m getting so used to the experimental stuff it’s become predictable.

That’s probably why I didn’t like Quentin Dubost’s set as much as I could have. Though his guitar bowing was nice and enhanced by a couple of twists: bowing very high on the neck, and cutting off the sound then putting it back on. Interesting set, but I kinda acknowledge that on an intellectual level but wasn’t really into it.


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