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January 29th, 2010: Laura Veirs / Cataldo / Old Believers

@café de la danse

The first opening set was by a member of Laura Veirs‘ tour band, and though he introduced himself as Old Believers, there’s actually someone else in that band. He looked quite unassuming, but I really liked his set and his songs. He didn’t sing or play demonstratively well, but in my opinion he was exactly right for his songs, and that’s more important; for me it’s even better as I’m usually not fond of skill.

Maybe that’s why I liked Cataldo less. Another member of Laura Veirs’ band, he had a better voice and played faster and seemed more confident, but that was a drawback for me. He won me over during the set, and the main reason was that he write very nice songs, well crafted with quite a few twists.

Within Laura Veirs’ band, these two handled drums, keyboard, bass and guitar, depending on the song. The band also included a fiddler and of course a very pregnant Laura Veirs herself. It was a great set, with some old songs but I really like the new ones too — those were unfamiliar for the most part because have always bought her records at her shows. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her twice with the same band, and I really like this lineup. None stood out as much as Karl Blau or Tucker Martine, and between that and the instrument switches, I liked the vibe from these people. Of course I was here for Veirs’ voice and songs, and I got what I wanted. Exactly what I needed now that I’m getting bored with the experimental stuff. She said they planned to be back in August, but I’m not holding my breath, she may want to change her mind by then. Anyway I just hope it won’t be close to three years before her next show — though one was canceled during those three years, that’s way too long.


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