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February 2nd, 2010: U.S. Girls / Opéra Mort / TG / L’autopsie…

@la suite

The first set was L’autopsie a révélé que la cause de la mort était l’autopsie. Now that’s a mouthful. Despite my current noise overload, I liked the set. There were a lot of unusual sounds in there — for the genre — and very diverse, from toyish to industrial through interference stuff. I did think it ran out of steam about halfway through, but got a second wind when Courtis put his guitar away and went and got a road sign to bang on. Maybe a little too long, but an interesting set.

TG started very well, with a wicked beat that had a limping side that I liked a lot. Beats were a big part of his set, but he would set filter and transform them and had heavily processed vocals that made them much more interesting. Unfortunately, the bass-heavy mix wasn’t to the liking of the people in charge and he had to tone it all down. That was already a downer, but by the second such coaching visit to the mound, I was officially tuning out. That’s a shame, and after the crappy sound system at UDO, I wish I can finally get to hear this side of TG in decent conditions. I also want to get his new record, so that’s a call for another gig soon. To make it clear, I’m not really blaming those people: they have a good thing going, and in the current climate I totally understand their not wanting to take a chance on their place for a mere gig. The situation sucked, but I put the blame on our Great Leader and those punier souls that made him so.

Opéra Mort did a good job of dealing with those conditions, with a swampy cold waveish set that could have been a perfect segue into the next set. I don’t know because I was just too pissed off. Nice set, and they managed to bring together noise and something else most of the people there are very familiar with but routinely deny. So they pulled it off despite everything thrown in their way. Damn, I wish I had been smart enough — sounds familiar — to enjoy it instead of skulking.

The last set was just too short. I though the setting would be appropriate for U.S. Girls, but I guess I was wrong. Maybe they were running late, maybe it was the bad vibes from the previous sets. Anyway it didn’t come close to what she can do. The set was short, and felt rushed to me. Maybe that’s just because I couldn’t really get into it and I projected that on her. I’ll probably not dwell on that performance and remember the other time I saw her instead.


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