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February 3rd, 2010: Mathilde Monnier – Pavlova 3’23”

@théatre de la ville

I have not seen the dying swan in any form, so I may be wrong, but I think some of the obviously classical poses and movements came from it. I had a strong impression of seeing the dance equivalent of sampling and loops, not as a subject, but part of the writing of the show. And I think that was the most convincing use of these I’ve seen so far.

I really liked the structure of the show. At first I thought it stick to the initial pattern: all the dancers standing, the falling more slowly each time, then one rising for a solo, each such performance different and suited to the dancer. This scheme held just long enough to defeat expectations. The soloing did continue, but the other dancers were more involved, bringing various objects on stage that would briefly find a place in the solo. So that by the end the solo trend had died too, and the last sequence was looping group dancing.

The choreography impressed me. I missed the death reference most of the time, but I still saw all those different parts as fitting together well, with several evolutions taking place during the show. I don’t really have a favorite moment, because this overall trajectories are what I liked best. I liked this show enough that I don’t really want to see the dying swan now. I think I get the idea, and if I’m wrong, I don’t think knowing it would improve anything.


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