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February 5th, 2010: L’Ocelle Mare / Simon Queheillard

@société de curiosités

Simon Queheillard played first, and that was a great performance despite their having just arrived from Germany. The sounds he gets out of his guitar are just amazing. Using a small motor as a pick, he can get something just as steady as an e-bow, but with far more versatility. It can sound like feedback, but also like it was played in reverse. All this from his inventiveness, control and physical engagement. And all this sound exploration was never without purpose, always weaved into music that made good use of the material while coming first throughout.

L’Ocelle Mare was just as good. He played banjo most of the set, but it was much more diverse than the last time I saw him. The most extreme variation came from his moving the bridge right next to the neck, but he didn’t really need this to change a lot in a short time. And of course he displays such a commitment to his music that I was just pulled in. I think the smaller venue fits his music well. It demands a focus that isn’t really compatible with a big space. A bit like his new record, which requires and rewards a little dedication.


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