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February 6th, 2010: Ishmurat Il’bakov / Raushan Orazbaeva / Tsogtgerel


I think I was just too disappointed to appreciate this show as much as I should have. Tuyatsetseg Tseren was sick and didn’t sing, and I was so looking forward to hearing some long song. I don’t have many opportunities, so that was a major downer.

That certainly made me not so attentive the first time Ishmurat Il’bakov played, and with my knowing nothing at all about Bashkortostan and its music, I’m sure I missed a lot. I’m not all that fond of flutes, but he added throat singing to his quray playing, and that did get my attention, and he did play a second time later on. The combination was less eerie than with voice alone, but the flute playing was so different it added a fascinating contrast. Wrong and superficial reasons, I’d say, and my lack of focus was downright disrespectful.

I heard Raushan Orazbaeva a few months ago so I was expecting a great performance. I’m fond of the kobyz to begin with, and she played two kinds with equally great skill, but I probably liked the bigger one better. Anyway, my appreciation for Kazakh music keeps growing, and I’ve probably barely scratched the surface with such a big country. I’m all too aware that my lack of understanding makes me like the sound of the instrument and vaguely appreciate the musician’s skill, but just enough to get the idea that I’m missing much. I’ll have to work on that.

I had only heard Tsogtgerel on the CD he cut with his father, but that had made me think he would have been interesting along with a long song performer. I still think so, as I think both his overtone singing and morin khuur playing are a bit rougher than those I heard last year — and that’s a good thing to my ears, as I don’t imply any lack of skill by this. On the other hand, maybe I paid closer attention because I did notice more details in his play, things that make me start to figure out how the different styles do fit together, and that added quite a bit to my experience.

They played a couple of songs together at the end of the show, and that was very nice, as the instruments and voices played well around and with each other, with bits of melody going around.


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