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February 12th, 2010: Tinariwen / Tartit

@cité de la musique

I liked Tartit a lot. Many voices, a few drums and instruments I didn’t know — one bowed, one plucked — and good music with some unfamiliar rhythms. All good things. The setting wasn’t totally right, but the big stage was useful. There were a few dance parts too, some was quite striking, but the most surprising for me was those done sitting with only swaying and arm movements. Maybe not much, but very nice. I thought the female voices supported by drums and clapping conveying a deep sense of community, both as sharing and as belonging. Another kind of music I didn’t know and like, so that was a good evening for me.

No such surprise from Tinariwen, as I’ve seen them twice before. I still like their music, even though it’s a little on the classic rock side for me. Coming on the heels of Tartit didn’t help on that front. The set was OK, but I think the venue took its toll, with the big room and especially the seats dampening the performance. I guess they would not have filled the room had they removed the seats, but it felt wrong, and having seen them before I know they can do better.


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