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February 14th, 2010: Yungchen Lhamo / Tenzin Gönpo

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This gig was fitting as it took place on Losar, featuring two Tibetan performers. I was really getting fed up with the place though. Video footage of this concert is available over here for a couple of months. Go there instead of reading my drivel.

For some reason I strongly felt the venue was not right at all for Tenzin Gönpo‘s set. Too big, as he was alone on stage, though with many different instruments. He came in dancing and drumming, then performed songs in a wide range of styles, but that’s part of my unease with it: it felt like just scratching the surface. I would like to hear him again in another setting. Though I think I wouldn’t like it that much anyway. For some reason it made me realize that I bought in to the nomad/sedentary divide, and my preference runs squarely to the former. This was very interesting, but my interest remained all too intellectual. I’m sure that’s saying more about me than the music, but I felt there was something academic about this particular performance.

Yungchen Lhamo is special. Her voice is just wonderful. I really was upset by the world music arrangements that were almost spoiling it most of the time. I thought that crap had died out years ago. It didn’t really prevent her from being awesome, but when she was singing on her own… Just wow. I was instantly awed. Why she even brings these guys along eludes me. I still think the place sucks, but these songs made it worthwhile, because the acoustics of the place did justice to her wonderful voice. The video on their site doesn’t come close, it’s not even in the same zip code. Anyone who has a chance should hear her live. I sure wouldn’t miss her for any reason short of major favorites performing — that means Cynthia Loemij or Juliana Hatfield, period. She’s amazing, and I just wish she comes back — preferably without those guys.


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