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February 19th, 2010: Valerio Tricoli / Radu Malfatti & Klaus Filip

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I knew I was taking a chance, but it was too intriguing to pass up. Maybe my hearing just isn’t good enough for something that quiet, but I didn’t like the first set. Klaus Filip was mostly getting sine waves out of his laptop, but more on the low side and quite faint. Radu Malfatti managed to get a clear and deep sound despite the low volume. My first problem is that having basically a single ear working, most of their stuff was out of reach. What did get through seemed new and interesting at first, but after five minutes or so it got to being just more of the same and I just lost interest.

Valerio Tricoli made it worthwhile. The start of his set had very good use of tape, with loops and play with speed and direction. It had been a while since I’d heard someone make such good use of the cycling potential of a tape loop. He didn’t stick to that though and added his mixing board and voice. He switched sounds a couple of times more, actually. But I probably only noticed that with some delay because it went along with the flow of the set. I think there was quite a range in the kind of sounds he used and how he brought them along, but most of it fell into place in a bigger scheme. I liked a lot of the material, and I liked the way he used it as well. As far as I’m concerned, a very good set.


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