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February 20th, 2010: Spykes / Regression / Faceneck

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At least Faceneck gets points for energy and engagement. I’m not sold on what they’re doing from a purely musical standpoint, but the way they went at it felt real good. That means something for me, I’m not bored to the point of dismissing those who seem to care. Might make me a sucker, but that’s still better than a cynic in my opinion. I don’t thing they’re bringing anything new, but if they’re living it, I say more power to them.

Regression is a really interesting project. More so to me than Wolf Eyes to me, maybe because I’m a latecomer. There were some highly interesting sounds, with texture to them. I mean it’s sound you could get a hold of and it had weight. More clay than mud. Something still shifting but with a mind of its own. And Nate Young got the upper hand in that struggle. Good set, made me think I should reappraise Wolf Eyes.

No such questioning with Spykes. Nice set, skilled with several instruments including a pipe contraption with twin outward pipes, but that looked squarely on the showy side, my main gripe with Wolf Eyes come to think of it. But I think I would have respected it more had he done the whole set with it. Still a little too smooth for me overall.

There was an encore with Young and Olson. I really liked that, it felt free from any solo project pressure and short of Wolf Eyes expectations. These guys have a lot to live up to, that’s just unfair. They have done so much in many ways, and are still at it. I was critical of Olson’s performance tonight, but I’m still deeply appreciative of his overall contribution. The same goes for Young. I keep the spot judgment about this particular evening in perspective, and that makes my opinion insignificant squared.


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