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February 24th, 2010: Signe Lidén

@société de curiosités

More drones! I really like that, so I just had to go. The technical side of the resonator setup eludes me, but I like the results. Signe Lidén did two sets, she described the first as quiet and the second as less quiet. I guess there’s truth to that, in that the second was definitely louder and featured more changes.

I think I liked the first set better though. The drones had time to claim the space around me, and when two or more piled up, their interactions unfolded gradually in a very satisfying way. Granted, not much going on, but may small things that made my day.

The pace of the second set was faster, with more of a difference between sounds and a few twists I liked a lot. At the end of her set, she placed a metal grid over that big metal drum and played that to generate higher pitched sounds that were completely different from the backdrop of drones yet matched them somehow. Very cool sets, I’m glad I dragged myself over there.


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