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WFMU Marathon

It’s that time of the year again. Time to give back to the best radio station in the world and make sure it keeps broadcasting. They are listener-supported, and that means us.

Despite the though economic climate and last year marathon’s failure to reach the target, they managed to keep putting great music out there for us to hear, giving much-needed exposure to many of the musicians I’ve written about, and many more I wish I could hear live. And as if it wasn’t enough, they also are the main force behind the free music archive, and have launched two alternate streams, Ichiban for 50’s/60’s rock/soul and an alternate UbuWeb stream for further confusion/enlightenment. As if the programming wasn’t enough.

So if you’ve enjoyed any of this in the past, go over here and pledge! They’ll even send cool stuff your way. Those DJ premiums are very much worth checking out, most of these are comps lovingly put together by people with an extensive record collection and even more extensive knowledge. Rare gems galore.

Though for me the best thing I get from my yearly pledge is having the station around. I’ll soon be out of a job, but I saved all year for this and nothing will stop me from giving back a little for all they’ve brought me over the years. Priorities, people.


February 28, 2010 - Posted by | Life, Music

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