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March 1st, 2010: Api Uiz / Radikal Satan / L’Ocelle Mare

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Just when I thought I would be able to post sooner after the shows, hardware failure knocked me out. Anyway this was one highly anticipated show, and not just by me from the attendance. It actually sold out, which doesn’t happen often enough. It rarely does. I guess Les Potagers Natures is still a name that draws a crowd, and it should.

L’Ocelle Mare went first, and though nice, I didn’t like this set as much as last month’s one. No fault of his though. Part was having heard him recently, and part was the less than ideal setting. The cloud to the sold-out silver lining being that too many people were talking and clearly not here for him. He used his banjo for almost all the set, with the exception of a short appearance of his shiny mouth organ. The skill and engagement were here enough to make it worthwhile, but that’s no surprise, as it was pretty much the same as the previous show.

Radikal Satan did the most surprising set. First because they played on the stage for a change, and also because that set had a rockish feel. By their standards, that is, but still. The first song was more in their usual style, but they kept most of their intoxicating touch even in the other ones. It’s a weird feeling. That was a really good set, and they still have this unique sound and feel, and I really like the way they didn’t stick with what I expected. But I nonetheless miss the old stuff, I guess then problem is that there’s just no one else wandering these lands, so whenever they move they leave a gap.

Api Uiz were the fastest and loudest of the bunch, and they pulled out a surprising set in that they didn’t even fumble before the very end. That stop usually comes earlier. I’m not only writing that to make fun of one of them, but because I actually like the way they recover from those lapses. And these only make them even more real and in the here and now, which to me is a lot of what I like about their performances. Their records are good too, but in a different way. The ability to go back and listen again changes a lot. In a live show, they make me acutely aware of the moment.


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