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March 2nd, 2010: MV&EE / Head Of Wantastiquet

@espace en cours

This was my third time hearing Head of Wantastiquet, and I like his music better each time. He used a bow the first part of the set — I’d guess with a banjo, though it was so crowded I couldn’t see — and that’s the part I liked best. Very evocative, it gave a sense of space and flow totally unrelated to the cramped conditions. I admit it’s not my usual kind of music, but I’m all for any kind that potent. The second half was more regular and probably featured guitar. Quite good, but I didn’t like it as much as the first part. Though I blame the chatterboxes right in front of me for spoiling part of the show for me.

That side of a crowded gig got worse at the beginning of MV&EE‘s set, the talkers where further away but much louder. The female singer’s voice was quiet to begin with, and from where I stood she was totally wiped out by that noise. That probably played a part in my not liking that set much, but I guess it was a bit too psychedelic for me anyway. The tiny bit I could see of the video made me glad I couldn’t see more of it, but on the other hand some of the sounds were really intriguing and I wish I could have seen their instruments — steel guitar maybe, and definitely something else. They did a very long number that was quite too psych for me at first, but then dissolved into a very nice noisy storm before quieting down again. That was a little long but I liked it.


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