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March 4th, 2010: Diemo Schwarz / Karine Dumont / Julie Rousse

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Over the past few years I’ve heard about Julie Rousse playing in different places but never got around to go there for various reasons, though I remembered liking what she did the one time I did go, a long time ago. Now I know I got it right about liking her music, and can only wonder why it took me so long. Even though it’s all laptop based, she uses field recordings with an urban feel — I like that — and managed to include noise elements with a mechanical side — I love that. And the piece evolved in a way that didn’t feel narrative as much as an experience of motion through a living landscape. The different feeling part of it as opposed to being a second-hand witness — even though I guess that’s what is really was. Here’s hoping I grow some sense and don’t wait as long to hear her again.

Overall I wasn’t as much into Karine Dumont‘s set. Most of that came from the voice. Not because I didn’t understand the words — that would have been worse. But because it blocked my way for some reason. But once I got into it I loved it. There was a whole world real enough to be touched in there, and the place was very appropriate for this kind of experience. I was pretty short, and the voice bookends didn’t help, but I’d like to hear more from her.

The event was put together by Emmanuelle Gibello — who I like — with the last set being composed by her for Diemo Schwarz. She explained she also wants to use the instruments the performers make and use, and in this case this is a Max/MSP open source software called CataRT. I usually like Emmanuelle Gibello’s work, and I could find a lot of that in the recordings going through this piece. There was some traveling involved, it started with sounds from the local subways and close to the end featured chanting that was probably from Asia though I couldn’t figure out the language — Korean could be a fit, weirdly enough I’m totally unfamiliar with Korean apart from children songs. And at times it went as if through a tunnel buffeted by a digital wind, a somewhat grainy sound that felt like the audio equivalent of pixelation. That brought an interesting twist, but I would have liked it to be more integrated into the fabric of the piece. Still a good one in my book, I’m just nitpicking at this point.


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