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March 6th, 2010: La Ligne Claire / Raymonde Howard


The owner was dumb enough to schedule two gigs on the same day. There was just now way to squeeze the six bands in. I wish I knew the name of the first band — from the other gig — because I actually liked their music and attitude. The former wasn’t groundbreaking, but they had nice songs and the drum/guitar duo was nice. The drummer was a little too verbose for me, but the singer/guitarist was fine. Their set was quite short, and they said it was so to leave room for all the other bands, and I like that. It’s also about getting it right when things go wrong, and these guys seemed to get it.

I can’t say that about Otium. They played for about a full hour, showing how special they think they are. The music was late 80’s/early 90’s sounding, with plenty of power and flourishes, but dreadfully short on creativity. I rarely give up on live music, but I could only take it for about 15 minutes. And enduring it that long was a struggle. They obviously have some followers, and I guess this combination of talent and character will get them to bigger venues soon. Good riddance.

Then the gig I was in for really started at last. Raymonde Howa was very much worth the wait. She had a drummer along, and I think that was a good move for now. She has a very nice record out, and even though I think she may grow into not needed that support, right now I think a drummer improved her set. Just because I don’t think her music is strong enough — yet — to pull a live gig on its own. No diss there, it’s hard to pull off, and one has to want to go there in the first place. I don’t know if she’s interested in that. I often made clear that I love loops, and she combined that with really good songs. I mean seriously good SONGS. It’s no big deal, but actual songs — let alone good ones — are rare in this experimental scene, so that was a change. I guess the truth is that I don’t need that part, but I sure like it when it’s there. To anyone reading this: do yourself a favor and get her record.

La Ligne Claire would have made more sense earlier in my opinion. I did like one of their songs, but on the whole it did feel like a step down from the previous set, and very much what I expected. Having the owner come over and call for the gig to end didn’t help either. I’d rather rank that performance incomplete and wait for another one. They did bring me enough to make me interested in hearing them again later.


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