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March 16th, 2010: Joe McPhee – Chris Corsano

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The last time I heard Chris Corsano was so good it raised my expectations beyond reason, especially with him playing with a personal favorite like Joe McPhee. Unsurprisingly, the show fell  short of that lofty bar, but I still liked it a lot. Most of that is thanks to McPhee, and that’s where I was expecting more from Corsano. He seemed too respectful. There many times I felt McPhee was leaving an opening for Corsano to jump in but he rarely seized that opportunity.

Even though it could have been better, I really shouldn’t be complaining. I love free jazz, and the show started with a reminder of Ornette Coleman’s recent 80th birthday, then Joe McPhee again reminded me of Albert Ayler. These were welcome nods, but the best was hearing this music alive and well here and now. That was a blast.

Corsano had a few solo parts that went a little long for my taste, and made me wish he had spent some of that talent playing with McPhee. He sure could have pulled it off, and I really think the set would have been better with him a little more assertive apart from these parts.

Again, I really enjoyed this show, it’s just that I held high expectations because of the high esteem I have for both performers. I have the nagging feeling it could have been even better.

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