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March 24th, 2010: Peeping Tom – 32 rue Vandenbranden


OK, I like Peeping Tom quite a bit, but I think this was even better than usual. First off I should say I have not seen the movie that was acknowledged as an influence, and I probably missed a lot because of that. But the show was smart in an inclusive way, dropping clues here and there about the story without rubbing it in. And there was exactly this confidence in the ability of dance to convey things that I’ve missed in the past few shows. I’ve said quite too much that I dislike the narrative part in dance shows, but this was did it the way I do like it, telling a story but through movement and bodies as opposed to words.

Two of the first few sequences kinda sum it up. One had two dancers bending back in a way that was stretching the limits of dance, in a good way. But it never really went into pure geometry, there was something keeping it grounded in immediate physicality. Another, with two make Korean(?) dancers took slapstick into something else by going ever further. Then defusing it all with a mime sequence with a suitcase. Sometimes it went almost abstract, sometimes it got close to the not-so-lighthearted tricks of early Nadj shows.

The show kept that edge throughout, with a fine line between light stuff like skating, sliding and slipping, and a collective judgment of outliers that was swift and final, yet never a big story. No drama here, things just happen on their on rhythm and rhyme.

There was definitely storytelling going on, but pure dance too, and overall it added up to a very generous show. There was a lot put out there, and I felt like I was welcome to take as much as I wanted, with no hard feeling it I just passed on some of it. There was enough of deep and light stuff to fit all sizes. And it’s a rich enough show that I can break my usual stance and go see it again next year if they come back. It’s that good, in my opinion.


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