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April 1st, 2010: Andy Moor – Anne James Chaton / Charles Pennequin / Terrie Ex – Jaap Blonk

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I was a bit disappointed with this show, in that it came out almost exactly as I thought it would. No surprises made it OK, but not great.

First up were Terrie Ex and Jaap Blonk. That was entertaining, and the set had great moments in terms of the interaction between the performers, and a few very nice parts were Jaap Blonk would turn words into sounds. The electronics didn’t add much in my opinion though, but I can understand if he’s grown tired of what he’s been doing. It was all freeform, but it still came so close to what I was expecting of them that I felt like it could have clicked better.

Weirdly enough, Charles Pennequin strayed the most from his usual routine — by having a few women joining him — yet it still felt exactly business as usual. And more like the novelty was taking something off the performance instead of adding a new element. I guess hearing those helpers — and their posse —  begging for attention during the other set didn’t endear them to me. Maybe I’m just getting too familiar with his thing.

Andy Moor and Anne James Chaton too were doing their usual routine, but that was more of an acknowledged part of the set, especially fitting with Chaton’s stuff. I’ve been liking their stuff better over the years, but even though I liked the set, I think I liked better the last time I heard them. I’m not all that sure, because Andy Moor pulled off a few awesome parts, but I felt Chaton didn’t build on these as much as I know he can. So as a pair I felt they could have done better.


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