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March 31st, 2010: Sylvain Chauveau / Pierre-Yves Macé

@instants chavirés

I had been hearing about these guys for a while, so I went to this show even though I was sick. Maybe that was a bad idea, and it made me unreceptive.

I liked some of Pierre-Yves Macé‘s ideas about mixing electronics, field recordings, recorded voice and piano, but it was too closed a system for me. I felt he told it all in the first five minutes, then it was all too predictable — recorded singing meant piano withing a few seconds, for instance. I may have missed the point, but the short bits never built up for me, and I drifted off.

I still liked it better than the main act, when Macé was joined by Sylvain Chauveau who was headlining the show. Again, the first song told it all and then it was just more of the same, and very close to the opening set to boot. The main difference was the singing; trouble is I don’t like his voice at all, and that had me dreading the time when he’d sing and switch between plain and echoing mikes.

Hey, to each his own, and I can respect the appeal for some people. It’s just not my thing.


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