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April 11th, 2010: Thrones / Nadja / Ovo

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I’m skipping one week because I’m tired of being so much behind. I guess getting so late in the first place is a sign of my waning interest, but the backlog was making that worse.

I was afraid I’d have grown tired of Ovo, but no, I still like them. Sure, the element of surprise is gone, but they’re a good live band and that’s what counts. If anything, I felt their music has grown more solid and get some more substance. It could just as well be me getting used to the vocals so that they’re no longer a distraction. Her voice is part of the appeal, but I suspect I had been focusing on it a little to much.

Nadja‘s was my favorite set. I love the way they add a melodic element without putting a dent in their wall of noise. It may make their music less experimental, but I don’t think I care. And anyway, a lot of the more extreme stuff sounds so familiar to me it’s become expected. For me at least, they strike the right balance. And it was a treat to hear them live again. The records are nice, but they’re no substitute to feeling the music fill up the space.

Thrones remains puzzling to me. It’s all good stuff, powerful with something else too. But for some reason I enjoyed the set without it leaving a lasting impression. On some level I know I should like this music much more, it has all the right elements for it. But I’m just appreciating it, without really getting it. That’s a nagging discrepancy, but the set was nice enough, so I shouldn’t be complaining.


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