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April 13th, 2010: Alexandre Bellenger

@société de curiosités

Each of the two sets began with a recorded piece, then a live one. I’m not that fond of writing about recorded pieces, so I’ll just drop a few words and move on. The first had an interesting collage effect, from the deep rumbling at the beginning to more prevalent snippets of songs, with moments of quiet outlining those strips. I liked the second better, not surprising as it featured sounds from records and turntables. It had the cycles and mechanical sounds I enjoy.

Plok 2 was performed by Quentin Dubost and Julien Skrobek. The score defined what they had to play, but not when, so there was an improvisation side in the timing. Maybe the material was stretched over too long, but I thought they spent too much time alternating. They did play more at the same time later on, but I still think they listened a bit too much. I guess that’s where the improvisation habits really showed, but the constraints about what they would play made those less relevant. I think a denser version would have forced them to shed those.

Dice piece for three samplers had a playful side but was interesting. The durations of segments for each sampler had been randomly selected during the two previous events of the series, with each segment featuring a single sound, but the performer had total discretion as to how often to play it. At times a rhythm and a structure would emerge, but the changes made them break down soon. The performers — Avril Bénard, Karine Ducours, and Edith Msika — could have kept them going, but they went with the flow and kept changing the pace. I think it was a successful experiment, and a fitting way to end Alexandre Bellenger’s series of shows here.


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