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April 29th, 2010: James Rushford – Joe Talia / Christine Sehnaoui – Pascal Battus

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I think I lost interest in most extended technique music lately, but Christine Sehnaoui plays with very different people, and sometimes a hit can make many misses worthwhile. And I liked this one a lot. I suspect the visual side of it may have played a part, because Pascal Battus was using small motors and sticks, glasses, slices of styrofoam, sheets of plastic and other mundane seeming objects. I think they know each other well enough to build a nice mix of trust and confidence. Their sounds were quite close, so much so that sometimes it was hard to know who was doing what without looking. That could have become an issue for me, but didn’t because they also went through more complementary phases. They sure knew what they were doing, enough for it to sound cohesive without many tentative moments.

James Rushford and Joe Talia played louder and their sound was more my kind of thing. Talia’s homemade instrument was intriguing and unique, while anyone playing the viola — as Rushford does — will always get my attention. Of course it rarely sounded like a regular viola, but I still like the sound. I guess it still took me a while to get used to their sound, because the first half of the set or so went over my head. I liked the rest better, but I’m more impressed with the sounds than with the way they played together. Still worth it by any measure though.


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