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May 6th, 2010: Shantala Shivalingappa – Swayambhu


It did feel strange to come back to this theater a couple of days after Padmini Chettur’s brilliant show to see a Kuchipudi show. But I like Shantala Shivalingappa enough for me to be able to focus on what was going on — though her smile felt weird. I guess it helped that it was so totally different.

I don’t know whether it’s the style or the dancer, but some moments struck a neat balance between rhythm and flow. In a sense that’s why I wasn’t all that interested by the part with the brass plate: I missed the music of her steps.

As is often the case, I didn’t like the narrative part; this time I definitely wasn’t open to that. But most of the show held gems worth seeing. Some were striking poses that were more like fleeting moments etched in my sight. Others were cycles, whether in turning or a repeated movement. The best for me was how her upper and lower movements were very different but complementary, each aspect necessary for the other to make sense.

That was a nice show, but I’d like to see her more of her contemporary side, I still think highly of the part she crafted herself in Namasya. Maybe next time.


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