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May 8th, 2010: Ali Reza Ghorbani – Ali Ghamsary – Sohrab Pournazeri – Rashid Kakavand

@theatre de la ville

Music from Iran, another of my attempts to learn new things and experience music about which I don’t know anything. I didn’t expect much because there is a long tradition involved, and I know I will just skim the surface. Well, I have to start somewhere.

Ali Reza Ghorbani is a talented singer. I wasn’t all that fond of his voice at first, but his singing held many skillful nuances that more than made up for that, without sounding too sophisticated. Though it probably is, and I’m sure I missed most of what he did.

I’m sure the latter applies to the musicians as well: Ali Ghamsary on Tar, Shorab Pournazeri on kamanche, and Rashid Kakavand on Tonbak and Daf. I’m growing to like the kamanche a lot, but what I liked best was the way the instruments and voice worked together. I think Ghamsary was the one responsible for that balance. I think people who understand the language and the tradition of Persian music got much more out of this concert than I could, but what I did get was nice enough.


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