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May 11th, 2010: Strom Varx

@instants chavirés

Wow. That was a great set. The plan was for Strom Varx to play with someone else who didn’t show up, but I don’t see how it could have been better otherwise. I was hooked almost from the start, with a wood like sound in a pattern that was a little too long to be a rhythm but kept all that matters about such a thing. Then he topped that with a crackling sound that instantly made me think of Chinese new year firecrackers. I kept to that storyline throughout the set, but I knew I was missing a lot of what was going on.

The thing is there were so many layers in this set, such a rich landscape of sounds, that I could have stepped back and taken in as much as I could, and I would have been better off. As it was, I picked a comfortable Asian thread and stuck with it. I’m sure there were many others, and I feel some regret at plunging in and missing so much, but I’m still grateful for the opportunity to just indulge. His keeping the lights on was a nice touch as well, at least for me at this time. In a sense that loud onslaught was rich enough to be overwhelming but still gave me enough choice to pick a thread. I’m sure there will be as many takes on it as people in attendance, but to me that’s a good thing.

I was in a sour mood from missing Flat Forme, but Strom Varx made it right. I will never know whether Spooky’s performance was worth it, but he sure made it right for me to rush to that place to catch his set. I’m glad I did, it was possibly the best set I’ve heard from him, and I can only hope someone will top that soon.


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