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May 13th, 2010: Sutcliffe Jügend / Babylone Chaos / V.I.K.I


I knew I would be hard pressed to enjoy this show because I basically hate this part of the city. History. I’m always uncomfortable there and can’t wait to leave. Not the best frame of mind for a gig.

And definitely not the right one for V.I.K.I. He creates nice textures, but that kind of uneventful music requires more focus than I could muster this time. In my distracted state it was too much of the same, but that’s squarely on me.

Babylone Chaos was my favorite set. At first I thought I would grow tired of it too, because it was a little on the ambient side, despite some nice micro-events going on within. But suddenly there was a metallic crash and the music grew assertive and took hold of my attention. Nice change-up there, and it got better as it mixed industrial sounds with an elemental visceral quality — metal is my element, so it’s not that inconsistent.

Sutcliffe Jügend had nice moments, sound-wise at least. I had to block out the words though, I just couldn’t take them seriously otherwise. Powerful enough, but not my kind of thing anymore. Problem was it all sounded the same, and to boot it sounded like stuff from years ago, and it was not the right place for that kind of thing for me.

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