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May 17th, 2010: Orquesta Tipica Misteriosa Buenos Aires

@instants chavirés

I had no expectations going in: I didn’t like the little I knew about Tango, so I was thinking I would see how long I would last. Orquesta Tipica Misteriosa at least had me linger for both sets. It’s still not the kind of music I’d listen to on my own, and I won’t be on the lookout for more of it, but it wasn’t boring, and there were a few songs I really liked.

I’d say I liked the first set better, which is somewhat surprising as these were the old songs. I liked the singer’s voice, but not the style of singing, so I liked the instrumental songs better. And the parts I really liked were those with short notes on both violin and bandoneon, those that left some room for silence, not easy with such a big band.

Obviously my utter lack of knowledge meant all that the second part had in terms of relation to tradition was lost on me. And even though I’m still glad I went and learned something, I don’t expect to follow up. It’s just not my thing, too melodic and with instruments I don’t like much either.


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